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Thermae Fiola

In addition to the Spa we can offer you a stay under the banner of the Spa. The Antiche Terme Fiola, which are part of our FIDI HOTELS Group, is the ideal place to discover the benefits of the thermal waters of Casamicciola Terme.

The Antiche Terme Fiola

natural sources of mineral waters useful for sludge and to treat rheumatism and arthritis

The Terme Fiola are among the oldest of the island of Ischia, its natural springs belong to the Gurgitello basin known since the time of Pliny the Younger (98 AD). At the center of the historical source of the Gurgitello, prodigious, for the wonderful achievements obtained in centuries of care, with the use of mineral waters and its muds. The water is eminently radioactive, hyper-thermal, odorless, clear alkaline at a temperature of 85 ° C. At TERME V. FIOLA can find benefits: rheumatism – arthritis – synovitis – after-effects of fractures and traumatic injuries – sterility – catarri – disorders of the genital sphere – diseases of the respiratory system.

The Natural Caves

What’s more beautiful than spending some time on our well-being? If the results are achieved using natural and extremely pleasant methods it is even better. Often even in the city it is not uncommon


today take a sauna session. But how different it is to have a Turkish bath at the Terme Fiola you will discover it coming to find us and feeling really in communion with nature. Because our thermal stoves are the same as those of a thousand and a thousand years ago. They are caves carved into the stone. From the walls of living rock exudes a beneficial heat in which to abandon oneself in a healthy embrace. You will really feel in the belly of the earth inhaling the hot vapors that open the breath, fight sinusitis and headaches, cure bronchi and lungs. You will feel the magic touch of the baths on your skin: a thousand drops, a thousand balsams and your skin breathes, it is renewed by eliminating dead cells, impurities, signs of time. A fresh shower and you will be new women and men.

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